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  • Treasurer                                       Onna Stoll
  • Membership Registrar                     Sandie Gibson
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Club Equipment

With the support of our many volunteers and fundraisers we have been able to accumulate top quality equipment for all the events we coach for our athletes. Track and Field equipment, if treated with respect has a very long shelf life. It is hard to wear out a shot put unless left out in the rain. You will see a lot of the equipment gets used by the various coaches during the season. Some of it is easy to move from place to place. However, some of it requires several people to move (high jump mats, hurdles).
Parents--if you see someone in need of help please jump in and assist. It will speed up the practice and the coaches will really appreciate it.

Individual Athlete Equipment

If you are just getting started with track and field the best equipment you can bring to the track is:

1. A quality water bottle

2. A good pair of running shoes. They need not be super expensive but the lighter the better.

Do not come to the track expecting to run in sandals, soccer cleats, or skateboard shoes. This footwear offers little support or traction when running and jumping.

Do You Need Track Spikes?

Most young athletes can usually practice and compete in a quality pair of running shoes. However, as their competition levels and skills develop they may want to try wearing track/field spikes.
Before going out and purchasing spikes talk to your coach. There are different track shoes for different events. Also, different brands fit differently. One thing that the club does each year is collect old track spikes that no longer fit athletes and save them for athletes that may need to use them for track meets. So please just ask a coach if your child is searching for spikes.
The other items an athlete needs for a good practice session is comfortable and warm clothes. Yes, shorts and a t-shirt will work in May and June but until then a long sleeved sweatshirt and long sweat pants or tights are required. It is easier to take layers off once warmed up. Again, talk to your coach for more guidance and ideas.